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One Thing Down

Saturday, April 18, 2015

We just recently became homeowners.  Though I had some initial decorating ideas about our new abode, not all of them have seen the light of day.  I have (mostly) finished the girls' room and am feeling rather accomplished.  Here's a look:

First we painted, and then we painted and then, painted some more.  I do like how this buttercream yellow turned out, but the other rooms anxiously awaiting paint, are still waiting.  

Instead of buying posters, I found some online that I liked and printed and enlarged them right at home onto shimmery heavy weight paper.  The large one is printed on four sheets of paper, so I made my own matte to hide where they meet.

I had been searching for a tall, skinny chest of drawers to go in between these twin beds, and I happened to come across one at our favorite thrift store downtown.  That snazzy chandelier is a wall decal that I bought on Etsy.  They are applied the same as the ones that go on your car.

After I got all of the kids' clothes sorted out, I had extra space in this piece of furniture I already had. I had seen on Pinterest a few times stuffed animal zoos and I thought how easy it would be to convert this!  I bought a pack of two bungee cords at Dollar General and the hubby attached mug hooks on either end.  This whole project cost less than two bucks and was done in five minutes!

I certainly didn't think the kids room would be the first one finished, but it's always nice to check something off the list!

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