Easy Birdfeeder Craft

Saturday, March 22, 2014

The boys and I worked on this craft during one of the MANY winter weather events that we've had this winter. And considering that the European models are predicting that we have (if you can believe it) EVEN MORE SNOW coming our way next week, I thought I would share. (And, no, the irony of me writing this post on the third day of Spring is not lost on me.)

While this craft is also perfectly suited to Spring and Summer time, I found it to be particularly effective at keeping the boys busy when they've been stuck in the house for one too many snow days. And, of course, there's always the added bonus of making sure that your bird friends are well fed even when their little houses are snowed in too:

Birdfeeder Craft Supplies:
Ring shaped cereal (Froot Loops, Apple Jacks, Cheerios, etc.)
Waxed dental floss

  1. Cut a length of dental floss that is not longer than your child's patience.
  2. String one piece of cereal onto the floss and tie it securely.
  3. Have the child string the cereal onto the remaining length of floss.
  4. Tie the last piece of cereal securely.
  5. Hang the cereal string from the tree branches for birds to enjoy!


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