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One Man's Trash: Vintage Christmas Table Linens

Friday, January 8, 2016

I was born too late.  No doubt about it.  My middle name might as well be "vintage".  But not just any vintage.  I am a mid century kinda girl.  Oh, what I wouldn't give to have been in my heyday in the 1950s.  I love everything about that time.  The fashion, the jewelry, the hairdos, the home decor, the sweet sense of honesty, humility, family, and home.   Oh, and the list just goes on and on.

In any case, I am a collector of vintage table linens.  And on a recent trip to the mountains of Tennessee, we stopped into a little shop called Apple Annie's.  She had the sweetest collection of vintage linens there, and not just any linens.  They were all Christmas linens.  My heart flip flopped!  I carefully unfolded the pieces and chatted with her about them.  I ended up selecting two 1950s tablecloths, both in excellent vintage condition.  And when I brought them home, I carefully wrapped them and put them under the Christmas tree for myself.  :)  I'm not kidding.  It was still a super special treat come Christmas morning.  Give me anything vintage, and I'm a happy girl.  But like I said, these were special.

Here's a look at my new finds.

Here's a closer look at the patterns on each of them.  I really like that this one has some blue and gold in it.  Although we all agreed that it's probably not quite as old as the other one.

This one is more traditional, bearing the red and green holly, ivy, and poinsettias.  I love them both so much!

 And here I am unwrapping them on Christmas morning.  I told you I was over the moon about them!

So now that the holidays are behind us, I will be packing these away for next year very soon.  And I'm sure I will be surprised all over again when I pull them back out again.  My plan is to display them on an old quilt rack or ladder in the corner of the dining room next year.  When you have more table linens than tables, you can either rotate them over the years or find creative ways to show them off even if they aren't in use on the table.  I think I will plan to do a little of both.  :)
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