Chickens in Sweaters

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Earlier this week, Country brought us an article that featured chickens in sweaters. While the topic of animals in clothing is not new to the Harris Sisters, I thought that this was just too good not to share.

According to the article, a sweater can keep a chicken warm during molting season and prevent picking as new feathers grow in. Also, it is typical for rescue chickens to be missing a lot of feathers because of stress and cramped cages. A sweater can help them stay warm while they adjust to their new surroundings. 



Talk about your fancy chickens! I wholeheartedly approve.

The sweaters featured in the article were all knitted, but as crochet is my craft of choice, I've located and linked below some free patterns for crochet chicken sweaters (in case the mood strikes you to whip up some for your flock).

Life Alaskan Style
Plum Creek Mama


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