Budweiser Ain't the King of Beers for Nothing

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Budweiser, the Super Bowl isn't even here yet, and you've already done it once again.  Regardless of how cute, witty, clever, silly, or funny any of the other Super Bowl commercials are, you have already won.  

Caution, watch this one at your own risk- the tears are flowing here already.  But that's nothing new either.  Those clydesdales almost always get to me.  Add a sweet puppy to the mix, and I don't stand a chance.  Last year, every time the 2014 Budweiser commercial came on, my husband would quickly try to turn the channel or distract me because that one had the same effect. 

See what I mean?  Pass the kleenex, and play it again.  Budweiser, we love you.  Never stop making these commercials, ok?


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