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Happiness Is . . . A Snow Day

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

We did it! We FINALLY got some snow - a mere 1 1/2 inches, mind - but when you haven't seen a good snow in years, that will certainly suffice!

The boys have been making good use of it. They've been knocking things off of our 100 Things to Do This Winter List, focusing mainly on #20 (snowball fights).

And there are some other kids that I think seem to enjoy the snow too. Check out these snow-themed Peanuts finds:

Isn't this how every kid feels when they build a snow fort:

And isn't this how every adult feels when it snows:

Maybe if you got a tad bit more snow than we did, you'll be able to attempt this (the neighbors would be so jealous!):

And I'm leaving you with this free 8 X 10 printable of Lucy's thoughts on snow. (Download it from Mrs. Greene.) For what it's worth, I think Lucy is on the right track - everybody knows you can't make snow cream with the first snow of the year . . . although since some of us have been waiting for a few years for a good snow, we might be willing to look at that as a mere "guideline" and dive in. :-)

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