(Fashion) History Repeats Itself

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

This isn't the first time I have regaled you all with my musings on how wonderfully ladylike I think Kate Middleton is and what a fine example I believe she sets, if for nothing more than her wonderful sense of style. I think we can mostly all agree on that.   By the way, it probably won't be the last time either.  I do tend to talk about many great and powerful women that I admire (can you say Dolly Parton?), and today's post actually features two of them. 

Kate Middleton was seen out and about last week at the National Portrait Gallery in London.  It is one of several charities she supports.  But the headline here (for me anyway) was the dress.  She wore a bespoke (custom made) dress by designer Emilia Wickstead, featuring textured crepe and a slight iridescent sheen.  It wasn't over the top by any means, but it was lovely and elegant, and the color was perfect on her.  She looks like such a lady.  

And she always makes me recall another ladylike fashion icon of the not-so-distant past, the one- the only, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. She was American royalty is there ever was.  Her pillbox hats and pearls were signature staples, and the world over was just in love with her, and her wonderful sense of style.  Now for the double whammy!  Jackie Kennedy buffs might also remember that she too once wore an eerily similar dress back in the early 1960s on an official tour of India. She is seen here in Life Magazine's photo sporting a nearly identical sleeveless baby blue froc, with her signature pearls and fabulous white gloves.  

Do you think Kate Middleton might have drawn her fashion inspiration from one of my all time fashion icons?  There's no way to tell, but one thing's for sure.  When a look is this clean and stunningly beautiful, it bears repeating.  Well done, ladies.  Good to know some things never go out of style. 


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